Bringing together practitioners, technologists, developers, academia, industry partners and the military to build and demonstrate product prototypes that enhance the security of cyber physical systems (CPS).

Physical systems include all sorts of connected controllers that are necessary to run applications such as building controls, medical systems, military bases and utilities.

Challenge area experts and technical mentors will be available to work with teams on their concepts. In addition, a building control system testbed and network capture data sets will be available for concept development and demonstration.  The data sets will include network traffic from the Internet Protocol network and multiple serial protocol networks captured during normal operation and while the system is experiencing different types of cyber attacks.

This event will be held simultaneously at the CU Boulder and UN Omaha locations.

Challenge Areas


  • Participants: open to all individuals (over 18 years in age).   Teams are welcome, but each member needs to register as an individual.
  • Must participate in person at either the Boulder or Omaha location, and also register for a location ticket on Eventbrite (see how to enter).
  • Winning teams receive the opportunity for funding for further development or demonstration; any recipient of funding must have the ability to legally perform work for such further funding in the United States of America.

Hackathon Sponsors


$45,000 in prizes

MD5 Follow-on Award (3)

Receive up for $15K to advance your concept in collaboration with MD5. Potential for multiple winners.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

This is an in-person event, with two locations to join for the action.   To participate, you'll aslo need to register on Evenbrite (pick the one for your selected location).


Boulder, CO

CU Boulder Eventbrite

Omaha, NE

UNO Eventbrite


To be considered for judging, all concepts need to be submitted on Devpost along with identifying your team members.


BG Michael Willis

BG Michael Willis
Colorado National Guard

COL John Harris

COL John Harris

John Palumbo

John Palumbo

Dan Massey

Dan Massey
CU Boulder

Terry Reinhart

Terry Reinhart
Nebraska Applied Research Institute

Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson
Zayo Group

Douglas Rausch

Douglas Rausch
Bellevue University

Anthony Thompson

Anthony Thompson
Introspective Networks

Ron Indeck

Ron Indeck
QNET Security

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Potential impact of proposed solution on physical cyber security.
  • Customer Validation
    Has the team demonstrated that they are making something end users need and will use?
  • Demonstration
    Is the team able to demonstrate a functional solution? Is the demo working in a representative test environment?
  • Viability
    Viability of bringing solution to market. How clearly does the team articulate the path forward? How well are the risks scoped?

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